Thursday, April 27, 2006

Christian was a guest blogger over at Punchline Magazine. Read his piece called "The Bad Set Decoder Ring" which decifers the true meaning behind those comments comics give each other after a show.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Last week, the folks at Best Week Ever asked me to compile a "Favorite American Idol Contestant" list, which is a version of the "What Your Purchases Say About You" segment I often do on the show, which (as the few longtime readers who still visit this site know) was inspired by the "What Your Favorite Album/Movie/Book Says About You" lists I used to write for TOH. Well, as is always the case when I do one of these BWE (that's my handy code for Best Week Ever) versions, they only ended up using four examples. So rather than just let 45 minutes of work go to waste, I've decided to post the full list, for your theoretical enjoyment.

Being that this list was written last week, it includes jettisoned d-bags Bucky Covington and Ace Young. The whole conceit of this list is a bit flawed, in that if you're a huge American Idol fan, you're already a certain kind of person no matter who your "fave" is. But perhaps it's still worth a chuckle of two.

So here's what you're saying about yourself, if your favorite conterstant is...

TAYLOR HICKS - "I have fond and tender memories of my 8th Grade Social Studies teacher."

CHRIS DAUGHTRY - "Boy, do I love rockers! Actual rock music? ...Not so much."

ELLIOTT YAMIN - "I pick my favorite American Idol contestants according to who looks most likely to sell me Ecstasy."

Alternate: "You know, the importance of dentistry in pop music is way overrated."

ACE YOUNG - "I'm less than one year away from getting my menses!"

BUCKY CONVINGTON - "Hey, person stuck behind me in traffic: enjoy my collection of racist and/or homophobic bumper stickers!"

Alternate: "You know, that reminds me--I need to stop and get gas."

KATHERINE McPHEE - "I've seen Les Miz fourteen times."

Alternate: "For a good time family vacation, you can't beat Branson, Missouri!"

KELLIE PICKLER - "We had to go into Iraq after what Saddam did to us on 9/11!"

Alternate: "GA-HILK!"

PARIS BENNETT - "You know, I'd be a big Mary J. Blige fan...if only she were freakishly perky."
Read All Things Me a newsletter of, by and all about Christian. Among other things, it includes a contest for naming his debut CD being produced this year and a hot photo of me and Erik Estrada. Well, technically, it's a picture of me, Erik and Christian but that's nothing a little photo shop can't fix.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Check out this clip of Christian on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Friday, April 07, 2006

Christian will be on Comedy Central tonight when they re-air his 1/2 hour special, Comedy Central Presents: Christian Finnegan, tonight during Stand Up Nation with Greg Giraldo beginning at 9:00 PM EST.

Also, on Monday, April 10th Christian will appear on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS.

Just so Christian doesn't get too big for his britches, I'm knocking him back down a notch by posting a clip of him hosting TV Land's Game Time with a chimpanzee in a game called "Apprentice to a Monkey".

Saturday, April 01, 2006

As a birthday gift, NBC aired Christian's appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly. Here's the clip featuring a whopping four minutes of stand up by the birthday boy. Watch it at

View this clip on Vimeo