Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tune in to Olbermann Tonight

On MSNBC to see Christian in the last segment talking politics and other awkward subjects.

Two thingies:

1) I sent out a newsletter recently. It was chock-full of good stuff--news updates, announcements and embedded clips of me on the tee-vee. Seriously, everybody's been talking about what a kick-ass newsletter it was. If you didn't receive it, that means...and I hate to just come out and say it like this, but...you are not on my mailing list. There, I said it! Oh horror of horrors! It's too terrible to imagine! Luckily, I now offer you a path to redemption. By sending a simple email HERE, you will receive a monthly update on All Things Me.

Pretty sweet, huh? What are you waiting for? Do it now, before your Hot Pockets finish microwaving! No need to get all fancy in your email, but do let me know your nearest metropolitan area(s) so I can send out the Bat Signal when I come through town.

2) To wit, this weekend (5/1 through 5/4) I'll be doing seven big friggin' shows at the Punchline in Atlanta. Great club, great crowds.
Come on out and experience a night of laughter and titillating awkwardness! For details and showtimes, go HERE.

Thanks, computer pals. You may now return to your porn, game of Scrabble or pornographic game of Scrabble.

Fond regards,
Christian Finnegan

Tuesday, April 08, 2008