Friday, July 27, 2007

Christian Reveals How He Really Lost the Weight


Friday, July 13, 2007


Christian is really funny in the "3 Questions With" segment in this month's Current Magazine. I especially liked his answer to the bonus question. Read it here.

Pluto's Plaything. Har.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Houston Awaits!

Dearest e-friends (Texans and otherwise),

This week I will be appearing at the HOUSTON LAFF STOP from Wednesday 7/11 through Saturday 11/14. Yep, Houston in the middle of July. I must be some sort of masochist. Anyway, the shows are going to be great and you will, of course, want to be there. Why? Because I'll be giving out free iPhones!* That's right, free iPhones!** I'll say it again: FREE GOSHDARN iPHONES!!***

I've always had a great time at the Laff Stop and I hope you'll come on out and support me like the soft, cotton-y emotional jockstrap I know you to be.

In case you have some sort of moral issue with hyperlinks, here are the details:

Christian Finnegan...LIVE AND AWKWARD!
Wednesday 7/11 to Saturday 7/14
The Laff Stop
526 Waugh Drive
Houston, TX 77019

BTW, if you're not from Houston but you're reading this because you hate your job/family, be it known that I'll be heading to the following cities in the next three months: Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Grand Rapids, Chicago and Atlanta--keep your eyes peeled 'n stuff.

Christian Finnegan

* While supplies last
** Whoops, my supply just ran out. Sorry!!!!!!!
*** Listen, get off my ass, okay? You want an iPhone? I got your iPhone--right here! RIGHT HERE!!!!